In the midst of greatness, the stars align and what we witness is magical! An experience of a lifetime can come in many different ways but for the U Street Music Hall Washington, DC, Sold Out, “SUM OF MY MUSIC” TOUR STOP, the audience received a majestic, mesmerizing, life motivating experience that will forever be special and exist amongst their best stories to share!

Coming to terms with the balance between talent and humility can sometimes be a distant road apart. However, when you encounter artists who carry huge doses of both, it is powerful! You cannot put a limit on such a divine order because it will always rise and manifest. Revealing to the world, the core of its value and worth. R&B Girl Group Sensation JUNE’S DIARY and JUSSIE SMOLLETT are the epitome of that concept!

Naturally possessing top quality raw talent, June’s Diary was first to grace the audience with their beautiful presence. Five individually sophisticated powerhouses appeared, vocally ripping up the stage with no warning. The crowd wasn’t ready and was completely shook by how amazing these divas were sounding live on stage! Dressed to impress, in various variations of loose, active wear attire that gave us just enough slayage and them, just enough comfort. Rocking each look In boot and stiletto heels, Eddy Award Winning June’s Diary, gave us full, high intensity dance routines! Ashly, Kristal, Gabby, Shyann and Brienna effortlessly belted high notes while maintaining beautifully arranged, intricate,harmonies as they worked the heck out of their vocal agility!

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Song after song, audience members whispered: “Wow, These Girls Are Really Really Good!”, “Where have I been all of this time to just be experiencing them?!”, “OMG, wait a minute! (Pulls out phone and types in June’s Diary), oh I have to seriously check everything out they have done. These Girls Are Fantastic!”.

Taking us on a musical journey, June’s Diary performed many of their hits such as: “All of Us”, “Wrap Around” and “L.A.N.C.E.”, just to also embed strong music covers such as: “Love On Top”, “Best Part”, and this dope a cappella moment you have to go to a show near you to experience, because it’s just that good!

While you await their arrival to catch them live and anticipate their EP Album that’s coming soon, definitely take the time to treat yourself to their Mixtape entitled: “Male Edition”. It features some dope vocal arrangements of top male groups greatest hits such as: “If I Ever Fall In Love”, “Stay” and “Where The Party At”, which are all amazingly produced by GlobeTrakkers Keyz Bridgez, with seriously dope music and vocal production by Dee Roze, along with the musicianship of Wendell Sewell, Ernest Priester, Omar Porter and one other! There is simply no doubt that you will be adding June’s Diary to your playlist!

After such awesomeness, the sold out DC crowd was given a short break to gather ourselves, get our heart rates together and cool down. Because we all knew, the heat that was coming was about to take us over the edge of greatness and into a trance of overwhelming bliss!

Then, just at the perfect moment, warm mood lighting quiets the excited crowd and Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Author and Director Jussie Smollett, walks out on stage! That quiet quickly erupts into a roar of ecstatic praise and happiness, as it hits everyone that, he, him, this highly acclaimed, charismatic, jack of all trades, Our BEST FRIEND (in our heads), is standing right there in tangible reach!

Immediately noticing his authenticity, the audience members fell into a vibe that usually only comes out in the privacy of your room when you are blasting your music, using a brush as a microphone and getting your whole life in front of a mirror! …..(I know I wasn’t the only one deg nabit!!! ..FACTS! Lol!).

Joined by four awesome dancers Tae Tae, Jessica, Kenny and Dallas. Jussie wasted no time starting at 100 percent and never coming down! Admiration took over the room as he allowed the first few notes to travel from his diaphragm and ooze out of his mouth. One of the first songs was “Need Freedom”. As I looked around, there was a party going on as people were singing along to this beautiful song we all first heard on the hit Fox TV show Empire! Jussie looked so good up there as it was clear we were all watching him in real time, live his best life! The smile on his face was so vibrant. The love in his heart for living out his dreams and what he was bringing to us, very massive!

Throughout the night he would go on to perform songs off of his incredible Debut Album entitled: “Sum Of My Music”, that is available in stores now. Songs such as: “Insecurity”, “Freedom”, “What I Would Do”, and my personal favorite “Hurt People”, were performed to perfection! Through all of his set, he even had 2 of 5 June’s Diary members: Ashly and Shyann, killing his backing vocals. He hit us with sooo much realness, beautiful vocal resonance and impeccable stage presence, no one wanted it to stop!

See, you have to understand the magnetic affect that Jussie had on us. He made us feel uniquely special, and that feeling was soothing, healing and just the kind of relief music lovers desire when they take their hard earn money and invest it in someone they whole heartedly believe in, such as Jussie! The supply and demand was present and in full circulation this night! The expectation is to leave the audience full and fulfilled, while the artist leave with an abundance of accomplishment, gratitude, honor and fuel to do it again and again.

Both He and June’s Diary gave us real artistry, which is a rare occurrence in what the overall music industry offers the majority in today’s society. The strength in Jussie Smollett and June’s Diary’ s work ethic and drive is mind boggling! So, when you find out that the driving force they have majorly supporting, managing and creative directing them is the legendary, one and only, incredible, Frank Gatson, all you can do is drop your jaw wide open, as you put two and two together and recognize the WOW factor of all of their talents blending together to create what we witnessed! It all is more significant than just that moment! We were just a part of an historic movement!

It is inevitable that we here at Concert Daily are sooo moved by our experience that we encourage each and every one of you to find your way to the Sum Of My Music Tour Stop nearest you. The U.S. leg of the tour began on May 17th in Oakland, California and will go through July 7th, ending in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Essence Festival. It will then resume for the U.K. and Africa leg of the tour in December 2018. The Sum Of My Music Tour Family all have worked vigorously to provide an intimate experience with Opening Act: Victory Boyd (Select cities), Special Guests: June’s Diary and Featured Act: Jussie Smollett. Including, meet and greet packages that include the dope merchandise they have for purchase at each stop.

We had an amazing time and we want that for all of you! Don’t sleep on this experience because, the way their blessings are set up, next go around will be on a whole other level of greatness. It’s nothing like interacting with artists, and right now, you all have the chance to have that special moment with these amazing artists.


     By the way, Jussie Is so amazing that he also has a whole book out with his siblings called: “The Family Table”that is available now. It is all for the love of cooking and sharing their own recipes and those of family members. Also, Jussie has been busy not only directing but also investing in a heartfelt, relatable, Emmy Nominated series as an Executive Producer along with Issa Rae. The series is entitled: “GIANTS”, and is written, created, directed and stars: James Bland. So, definitely check all of these additional works of art out. *****


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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.



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