Mission Statement:


” Concert Daily’s goal is to be the world’s leading, branded live entertainment news company across digital media platforms. Our focus is bringing the best coverage to our following, enhancing our existing brand, and to produce content that entertains and informs. By reporting news related strictly to the artist’s music, we eliminate making a spectacle of their personal lives and highlight the reason they are household names. “

About Us:


Concert Daily was founded in December of 2013 after a noticeable void in entertainment news was noticed. All we seem to hear about is the drama that occurs in artists lives and we wanted to focus on the positive. Being avid music lovers and faithful concert goers, we thought there would be no better way to stay true to our mission than to focus on the music. Creating new ways to bring new artist and seasoned artist to the forefront, as well as helping them promote upcoming shows/tours. If it is live entertainment related, we want to be the first ones you think of.

We enjoy introducing artists to new audiences and making the public aware of great shows to see that are coming to their town. The open-armed nature of our interviews gives talent the opportunity to relax and speak directly to their fans with no judgment. We strive to create quality content that both the artists and the Concert Daily family can be proud of.