Pic Playback: Glenn Jones Rocks The D.C. City Winery

“‘Twas two nights before Christmas when all through City Winery, Not a creature was sitting, not even a spouse.

Thursday, December 23 saw a crowd of people who were ready to take a break from all of the shopping madness, gift wrapping, and holiday fanfare and just relax and be enchanted by some smooth tunes. R&B artist Glenn Jones was the maestro who not only commanded the night, but also his band, by letting each musician getting their own individual shine on stage, including his bass players Michael Norwood and Chris Harris. No singer, or band for that matter, is complete without accompanying background vocals to create the “glue” that keeps the sound together, and he had a lovely trio of ladies holding him down, known as the Black Betty’s.

This was a night where it felt like we were in a time warp, since we had the pleasure of dipping back to his catalog of 80’s hits including “Show Me” and “I’ve Been Searchin’ (Nobody Like You)”, before moving right on up through time to be introduced to his 00’s songs as well. With the show being so close to Christmas, it would almost seem not quite right to NOT include a few festive songs to bring us some holiday cheer, even putting a little Go-Go spin on “Joy To The World“.

We appreciate the City Winery for bringing us folks with true talent, and hope that they continue to pack on the schedule in the new year with as many good treats as we were served in 2021.


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