Pic Playback: The Washington D.C. City Winery Gives Us “Moore” This Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 1 saw the return of one music’s most notable songbird, R&B divas back to the DMV, the lovely and uber talented Chante Moore.

Returning for two back-to-back sold-out nights at the Washington, D.C. City Winery, Chante undoubtedly gave “Moore” of herself than she even probably expected. One thing about any of her shows is that she creates pure “moments” on stage, interacting with those in the audience, and infusing that into the concert, creating what’s known as the “Chante’ Moore Experience”


Running through a setlist that consisted of some of her most notable hits that touched the lover in all of us, the audience was fully immersed in live renditions of “Candlelight & You“, “Right One” and “Love’s Taken Over“. While her performance of “Chante’s Got A Man” has always been a highlight of the show, performing this song sheds a total different light in her life right now, and particularly that night, as her new fiancé Stephen Hill was in the crowd, so we know that she put a little extra feeling on every word that she sang.

It wasn’t until she performed her signature song “It’s Alright” that we realized how underrated she is. It was during this selection where she showcased just how powerful her voice is, and why it’s a force to be reckoned with. Towards the end of the song, she unlocked the cheat code in all of music, the illusive whistle note, whereas she finished the rest of the track out in a vocal register that’s not obtainable by the average singer. That right there ladies and gentlemen is sheer talent, and why her name should appear in conversations discussing vocal “greats”.


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