Pic Playback: Tamia Scorches The Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club

Granted her most recent album may be entitled “Passion Like Fire“…Tamia was more like a girl on fire when she hit the stage at the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club.

The weekend of September 14th saw the return of the R&B songbird to the DMV area for not one, but TWO sold out shows at the world-renowned theater. Looking as beautiful as ever in a shimmery sliver top and matching boots, stormed the stage backed by two equally talented female vocalist who weren’t scared to cut a rug along with the diva.

Poetically blessed, lyrically gifted and always the constant professional, Tamia gave us all the reasons to understand why she’s still thriving in the music industry after more than 20 years. Everyone knows this woman for her angelic voice that we’ve heard on wax since her initial debut with Quincy Jones on “You Put A Move On My Heart“, but would you believe us if we told you that she sounds exactly the same, IF not better live, in the year 2019? Well please believe that! We were absolutely blown away that she has been able to preserve her voice in such top-notch condition, when many of her contemporaries that premiered around the same have failed to keep up.

For more than an hour on stage, we were treated to all the hits that at one point in our life either made us bob our head, get the warmest feeling inside, or fell in love to, including “Imagination“, “Can’t Get Enough“, “Into You“, “Stranger In My House“, “Missing You“, and many, MANY more. It wasn’t just a trip down memory lane though, as she certainly showed love to her latest project and performed a few cuts from there as well, especially the one that I anticipated the most, “Leave It Smokin’“, where she served up a hearty helping of sultry sexiness that took our emotions to another level!

Over the past couple of years, the statement that “R&B music is dead” has been thrown around one too many times, but Ms. Hill proved that to be a moot point as she delivered one of the best R&B shows that we have seen all year, and it was clear to see that everyone else in attendance was in agreement.


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