Pic Playback: Ja Rule Rocks The Baltimore Soundstage Once Again

Ja Rule may be on the RuleYorkCity Tour, but Wednesday, January 10, 2019, he was def on his “Rule Baltimore City” type flow. It seems that January is his favorite time to visit Charm City, because it was literally almost one year ago t to the date that he had sold out the Baltimore Soundstage, but here he was again performing to another packed house

The show kicked off with what seemed like a medley of some of his first hits. “Holla Holla“, “Between Me and You“, and “Livin’ It Up” had the crowd jumping seemingly on top of one another as Ja ran out on stage, spitting the lyrics to these classic cuts.

Don’t think that he stopped there though, you have to remember that there was a time in music history where Murder Inc. WAS running the game, so his pen and production game was kind of tight too. Who knew that he was the mastermind behind Fat Joe’s “What’s Luv?” or that he originally wrote Mary J. Blige’s “Rainy Days” for TLC? We were all privy to that information while he was in story teller mode.

Ja even pulled my favorite track of his out of the bag. You remember the 2003 banger “Clap Back” back right? The beat still hits hard 16 years later…as a matter of fact, it hit HARDER over the venue’s sound system!

Granted all of those songs put everyone in a reminiscent mode, it wasn’t until he dropped the beats for some of biggest tracks, you know those ones assisted by a certain Puerto Rican beauty by the name of J.Lo, which garnered the biggest crowd response. While performing the remixes to “Ain’t It Funny” and “I’m Real“, I almost immediately felt like I was transported back to the summer of 2001 when the song first dropped by the way that everyone sang in unison.

If this is about to be a yearly January meeting with Ja Rule in Bmore, we suggest that you mark you calendars for 2020 and make sure that you get your tickets the minute that they announce they are on sale.

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