Essence Fest: Xscape performs “Understanding” live and shuts down the Superdome!

Last night was absolutely CRAZY! If people want to think that the need for genuine music artists from the 90’s is a mute point, you must have not been present at the 2017 Essence Fest.

Sunday, the final night of the three day “party with a purpose” saw the return of one of the R&B girl groups of the 1990’s, Xscape. It’s been over 18 years since their presence has been felt in the industry, and although it’s been a rocky road getting to this point of being in a good space, they are here.

The fanfare was on 1,000 as the entire third floor of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was shut DOWN as eager fans waited in line for over 3 hours to be among the few who would see their first full concert performance since their breakup.



Although much time has passed since, the girls really didn’t miss a beat as they tore the stage down, singing and dancing just as they did in their prime. Enough talking already, let’s get into a front row view of their live performance, singing the hit “Understanding“.

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