We Were There! 50 Cent Punches Female Fan At Concert

Man oh man, it feels like “local” news gets around quick. Yesterday we reported that 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) made a surprise appearance at a Baltimore concert on Saturday, but what we failed to tell you was the big “news” that happened. Which wasn’t really news because it happened all so quickly.

Although you can see the video below of 50 punching a overzealous fan in the chest, anybody who was in the crowd and NOT in the front row knew nothing of what happened.  One of our photographers was in the pit (and can actually be seen in the video) taking pictures and didn’t even know what popped off. The show was going on as planned and then 50 just disappeared off stage, nobody gave it any thought because he could have just walked backstage, that was until a LOT of commotion was seen and heard in the front row area. Security ran to assess the situation and then the next thing that we knew was a fan hopped on stage and started twerking and having a good time. Nothing too uncommon at a hip-hop show right? lol That is until the FULL picture of what occurred was released.

It’s crazy to know that all of this took place in the flash of an eye and surprising to see the events play out the way that they did. We always find it over the top when fans want to start pulling and grabbing artists from the stage. A little hand shake or exchange, not a problem, but when you become aggressive, that’s a big no no…it’s part of concert going 101. On the flip side should he have punched her? We’re thinking that’s a no, but there was no love lost, as we mentioned she was invited on stage by the man himself. Let this be a lesson to fans who are planning to go to a concert, PLEASE keep your hands to yourself, the artist that are performing on stage ARE people too and deserve the same respect that you would want.

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