Review: Dawn Richard Live At The Howard Theatre

When is the last time you were truly excited about the music coming from your speakers? Honestly, I spend most of my time listening to older albums and independent artist. The radio is filled with music that sounds the same, with the exception of a few artist. With that being said, getting the opportunity to watch Dawn Richard grace the Howard Theatre stage and presenting the audience with the full ‘Blackheart’ experience was a night to remember.

If the audience was not told, I can guarantee that no one in that building would have been able to tell that Ms. Richard was sick. The vocal abilities so elegantly displayed by this very talented artist is something that will send chills up your spine. I will not start any comparisons in this article but there are only two other people who can do that to me and one I’m still waiting for Dawn to collaborate with. *Cough* Vocal Bible *Cough* [hint, hint]. Well, a girl can dream. The night included her performing songs such as ‘Titans‘, ‘Billie Jean‘, ‘Phoenix‘ (with the help of the audience), ‘Blow‘ and ‘Physical‘ (with the help of a fan).

Do yourself a favor, next time Dawn is in a city near you, check her out. If you want to see someone that is amazingly talented and you just love a good show make sure you stay tuned this site for her next tour dates. ‘Blackheart‘ is available online NOW and for a peak at Dawn’s show check out the videos below.

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