Nigerian Artist – OMAH LAY: “BOY ALONE” North American Tour Stop At The Fillmore In Silver Spring, MD Was Captivating!

Fueled up and ready to endure “The Boy Alone” 18 city North American Tour that includes 5 stops in Canada, Nigerian fast rising artist Omah Lay, has confidence in himself and excitement towards connecting to his audience.

As a very special honor, he, his team and label Warner Music Group, chose the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD as his first tour date and it was a treat. As the night set in, the venue glistened with florescent lighting, the bar was busy and the music kept the crowd determined to follow every beat. Gradually, the attendees increased and the place was packed. Finally, all the dreaming, planning, preparation and work ethic came together to present greatness.

Omah Lay is a hyper active live performer and all of those lured by the love of his music and/or energy, knew they were about to have an interactive experience that would be a lasting memory. As the lights went down, Omah Lay, appeared and the crowd went crazy. The atmosphere was giving “let go and take in all the vibes” energy! Entering the stage with a fully cream colored jumpsuit, jacket and matching boots, he was a force and charmed throughout the duration of his performance.

Performing all of his songs off of his newly released Debut Album also entitled: “Boy Alone“, he mesmerized his fans and they touched his heart by knowing all the lyrics to his songs. With so many instant hits, Omah Lay made room to include songs such as: “I’m A Mess“, “Never Forget“, “SoSo” and Purple Song“. He danced, jumped, ran all around the stage as he expressed himself and literally captivated everyone’s undivided attention. Most impressively, he did all of this with a very enthusiastic and highly skilled set of musicians as his live band. It is quite rare but enormously refreshing to see a fresh artist travel with a full band and DJ and opt out of having dancers. Personally, I absolutely loved that, and as a media outlet overall, we were very impressed with this decision. Round Of Applause indeed! Omah Lay’s energy with the live band was EVERYTHING EVERYONE NEEDED!!!!!! His entire show was refreshing to witness in person and everything he serves in his music audio presentation is magnified and wonderfully enhanced when live.


Omah Lay makes it clear just why African music has been taking over hearts world-wide. With his contributions to this amazing genre, he is destined to be a long-term valued house hold name. It is very hard to resist the temptation to move your body when an Afro beat comes on. It’s like an immediate energy boost that you can’t get enough of. This genre has mastered the ability to snap you right out of any comfort zone and Omah Lay has further brought in the euphoric and therapeutic elements to the forefront.

Fast tracking to top all charts, Omah Lay is the next superstar in the making to grace our presence. Traveling all the way from Nigeria to ignite many stages from now until October 2022 via his current tour, he has earned a huge level of respect amongst his musical peers as a Singer/Songwriter/Producer. As well as, gained a huge fan base with his videos and songs each reaching millions in views, all in a short period of time.


Through life’s downward spirals that can toil with your self-esteem, make you question yourself and cause negative ripple effects, this young man picked up a pen and bravely wrote about it to overcome it. Music has always been a hugely therapeutic guidance to clarity and Omah Lay’s newly released debut album: “Boy Alone” is a descriptive dive into his journey of finding, forgiving and redefining himself. He allowed himself to be vulnerable and in return, millions immediately began to relate. This young man is special in all the right ways and we here at Concert Daily Media Outlet recommend that if you find yourself in one of the tour locations he is on his way too, get tickets so you can experience his dose of happiness while he sings you through emotions you all can find encouraging resolves from. Whether you can still catch him live or he has come and gone from your city, his music albums and music videos are internationally available for you to still be able to vibe out to organically, as he authentically gives you all of him. It will surely be a connective, fun and thought provoking listen!

Though he has already stopped through Silver Spring MD, and Atlanta, GA, he has many more tour stops. Click Here for all of Omah Lay’s tour dates to still catch.

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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.


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