Pic Playback: CeCe Peniston Live at the D.C. City Winery 4-9-22

CeCe Peniston surely does have a faithful following here in the DMV, which is clearly evident by the fact that she packs out whatever house it is that she plays when she visits. The house this year was the City Winery on Okie Street, where she’s sold out a few times in the past might we add.

Sounding like the anointed songbird that she has always been, Ms. Peniston held the attention and the hearts of the area concert goers by delivering the magic that made her such a force in the early 90’s, and rightfully so because her music immediately changed the attitude of anyone who listened. To tell you the truth, it felt like a good ole’ basement party as opposed to your standard concert.

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The setlist was packed full of goodness “Finally“, We Got A Love Thang“, “Inside That I Cried”, and “I’m Not Over You”. What we consider her signature hit, “Keep On Walkin’” took on a bit of a twist, where it started off with the jam that we all know and love, but then CeCe motioned for her band to break it down and asked “Where my Go-Go folks at?”, before slowing the pace of the track down to a crankin’ Go-Go beat. We’re guessing the band, that included Jazz Sax player Art Sherrod Jr. and Bass Player Stanley Cooper HAD to be from the district because the the sound was so and groovy, it even had the wait staff dancing while transitioning to Jill Scott’s “It’s Love“.

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