Pic Playback: SUCH featuring TolumiDE at The D.C. City Winery

Have you all ever been to a concert that just makes you FEEL GOOD, like from the inside out? If not, you need to find your way to a show that has its roots in the Caribbean.

Saturday, March 19 we were introduced to the talents of the multi-faceted Haitian-American artist who goes by the name Such. Coming from humble beginnings in Massachusetts as a physical therapist specialist and nurse, she knew that she wanted “more” out of life, and began perusing her dreams of singing professionally. It was Such’s stint as an “Idol” contestant in 2012 that sealed her transition from nurse to singer-songwriter.

That long journey brought her to the DMV area where she could present her music, as vulnerably as she wanted. Her followers had the chance to enjoy tunes from her albums and projects, such as “Sugar Maple“, “Before Dark“, and “All I Want“.

There was something effervescent about her entire stage presence. It could have been the way that she commanded her band without even having to look back, or her vibrato that very much was compared to a 70’s R&B diva, but whatever it was, we approve of it!

Enjoying the limelight that evening was the DMV’s TolumiDE, who is a Nigerian-Canadian soul inspirational afro-pop singer-songwriter that captivates listeners worldwide. With music that carries a bit of a Carribean/world like vibe, the upbeat nature not only had the crowd moving to it, but also lifted up your spirits too.


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