“Jonny x Mali The Tour: Look What The Lord Has Done During DC Tour Stop Live At The Lincoln Theatre!


Intentionally making powerful strides through inspirational music seasoned just right to hit the soul, Jonathan McReynolds and Mali Music both naturally exude goodness from within. A perfect ingredient that genuinely aligns two talents with endless powerful messaging, to a relatable synergy transcending from all life experiences. Simultaneously, providing nourishment through lyrical and melodic nutrients, intricately and uniquely designed to pour into the toughest of doubtful minds.

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Proving that conviction is a mood to trust, Johnny and Mali blessed the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021. 

With priorities set, tickets for the first ever Jonny x Mali DC Tour Stop were SOLD OUT.  People arrived early and the line was wrapped around the building. Following the mask requirement and proof of negative test result protocol and procedures, which worked very well, everyone could release various levels of stress and life trials and tribulations, and for a moment, experience a deserved level of normalcy.

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Huge doses of blissful and skilled tone quality consumed our minds as the pure vocal mastery that Johnny x Mali produces live, with no auto tune, amazed us. In true testament of their God given talents blended with preparation, it is clear that both of these incredible talents stay On Ready, literally walking by faith and not by sight”. Every element of melodic phrasing, dynamic build up, vocal agility explored, harmonious syncing of vocal styling and overall vocal resonance, made it even more accessible to dive in as a listener receiving this powerful and positive musical content. As you looked around, everyone was on their feet and singing along. Crowd participation was wild in a good way. You just couldn’t help but open up to the sensational atmosphere. There were no songs under delivered. The band and backing vocalist all enhanced the fantastic artistic vibe as they each contributed greatly to the union of wonderful musical arrangements flowing so smoothly.

Effortlessly performing non stop, we were graced with every single song on their newly released 6 song EP Album: “Jonny x Mali Live In LA“, and much more on this wonderful tour.

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Here is the run down:

After DJ Soul 73 did a wonderful job hyping the crowd, the lights dimmed and the crowd began standing as the excitement grew quickly when the backing vocalists and band headed to their positions. Then just like that, Mali Music appeared from stage left and began singing the first verse of “Enough”:

“You think that if you do everything right, that God will see you in a different light, that’s what you told yourself a million times but he won’t treat it like a 9 to 5. You don’t have to earn this paycheck cause the love of God ain’t like that” 
(These are my favorite lyrics of this song. Whewww Chile, Amen Amen Amen).

Wearing two toned dark and beige-brown vertical strip fitted pants with a loose silk tribal gold and cream printed dark grey-ish black button down top, signature black hat and short platform black pointed toe shoes, with a silver metal attachment on top, Mali’s energy was already at 100 percent. He definitely came dressed to express while being on cloud 9.

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The 2nd verse came and Jonathan McReynolds appeared from stage left singing:

“Stretching out trying to synchronize, compromise after compromise. You hide your face with a good disguise but when you’re judging without his eye, and you change for the people’s likes, to you, you don’t recognize”. 

Wearing a brown, dark brown and cream tie dye/tribal printed button down shirt with black knee cut out jeans and white dress shoes with black leopard print on them, he came comfortably fly and ready to testify.

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By this point, you could no longer see a seat or aisle in the building because people wanted to get closer and have space to groove in fellowship. It was a dope opportunity for open minded christians to have freedom to be who they are without scrutiny of any kind.

Throughout the night they would serenade us with their heartfelt renditions of their individual songs and everything on the new album that was recently released on Friday, September 24th, 2021(and of course everyone already knew all of the lyrics. Their fans play no games. You better know on tah-day. Lol).

Tuning us up, they hit us with:

“Enough” Jonny x Mali
“Heavy Love” by Mali Music
“Blessed” by Mali Music
“Situations” by Johnathan McReynolds
“Great Is The Lord” by Johnathan McReynolds
“Adulting ” Jonny x Mali
“Miracle” Jonny x Mali
“Beautiful” Mali Music – Watch now:


Once they reached the song: “Make Room” by Jonathan McReynolds, they were surprised by Jason Nelson who came out on stage left singing this song with Jonny and Mali. Showing his support, really was a good example of real artists supporting each other and should be duplicated more across the board, in all genres.


From here, Mali Music hit us with “Yahweh” and a praise break naturally followed. Then Jonathan went into a vocal freestyle singing “We were always cool but the devil don’t like what we do”, which then led into him performing his song: “People”.

Now, with all of our full undivided attention, Jonathan gave the floor to his soprano backing vocalist who moved up closer to the audience as she began singing beautifully. See for yourself below. But wait there’s more, in this same moment, Jonathan was surprised for the second time when Anthony Brown appeared from stage right and almost made Jonathan cry. Watch it here because it was a very special moment:


With a moment like this, aligned with the powerful meaning in “Cycles“, it was necessary to merge it right into a piece of Tasha Cobbs Leonard‘s song: “Break Every Chain” and even pay tribute to Anthony Brown’s song: “Worth“. More songs took place within the show as well: “Everlasting” and “Mali Music’s song: “Way For You“. After this back to back deep and powerful music ministering, it was time to shift back to an uptempo lighter praise and that’s when: “Jump Ship” took over and we all did the new dance Jonathan made up for it. Watch it all go down here:


Finally the moment came for the popular song “Movin On“. The Grammy Award winning hit single that grabbed all of our attention and got us all excited to have two of the best come together and gift us with a double blast of awesomeness! This song is really a vibe and physically and mentally makes you want to move on from any negative source holding you up from your greatness.
Watch the official music video here:


Thinking the show was coming to an end, we were then surprised with the opportunity to get autographed basketballs thrown at us. (Lol). I know it may be a “huh, what the what” moment but you must understand, Jonathan and Mali both were very good athletes at one point in their journeys. Though, I think next time, Mali should have some signed footballs to throw out as gifts, since that was his thing. It actually was a fun and funny moment as they prepared, with warning, to pay attention so you don’t get hit. They took precaution by throwing them up high so it was easy to keep an eye on. Everyone was happy and amused and for one last final song to end the night, they sent us away on a high by performing a remixed version of Jonathan McReynolds song: “Not Lucky, I’m Loved“.

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As an ending intellectual take away, as I am an observer and intrigued with the psychology of things. The most lasting impression from this show, for me, was the familiarity of best friend/family energy between Jonathan McReynolds and Mali Music but furthermore, the audience member’s parasocial relationships with them individually. This would explain how the pure support of these two great human beings began way before they came on stage to sing a single note.

You see, this is love and strong inner connection through relatable circumstances creating bonds that immediate family members usually have. That is very impressive. Especially when priorities for many people internationally have greatly been effected in these past 2 years, as we all weigh in on risk, priority, integrity, and so on. Going to your favorite family member’s cookout is a drawn out discussion equivalent to the task of completing a prerequisite college thesis to guarantee graduation. So, during the most intense times of data, politics, health, division of opinion, etc., many decided what was most needed in this cycle of crisis, was spiritual enrichment. So, there really is power in the name of Jesus! (Amen, Amen.)

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As I conclude this article, I humbly ask that you let these lyrics from Jonny x Mali’s  incredible song “Miracle”, move you as much as they have truly moved and inspired me during these times:
Verse 1:
“What’s the use of the sun, if the earth can’t feel the glow. If it couldn’t make flowers grow, it wouldn’t be a wonder. It wouldn’t be a miracle. And what’s the use of this sea, if the waters didn’t flow. If it hid all of its life, it wouldn’t be a miracle. Hook:
I look right at you, let me tell you what you are, You’re A Miracle! (Oooohh) A miracle (ooooh). Ahhh look what the lord has done. Look what the lord has done. Look what the lord has done. (Ooooohh) Verse 2: ( My favorite verse)
“Aye what’s the use of that voice if the world can’t hear your song. If your mouth is always closed. You’ll never be a wonder, you’ll never be a miracle. And What’s the use of that light, 
if no one sees you, love.
You’d just be a bag of blood and bones, and you’d never see a miracle. Hook:
Tonight, ohhh I’m looking right at you. Let me tell you what you are. You’re A Miracle. (Oooohh) You’re a miracle (ooooh). Ahhh look what the lord has done. Look what the lord has done. Look what the lord has done. (Ooooohh) You’re A Miracle, (yeahh)(Oooohh) You’re a miracle (yeahh)(ooooh). Ahhh ohh, look what the lord has done. (Alright yall) Look what the lord has done. (Blowing my mind yo) Look what the lord has done. 
(Keep going say)
Look what the lord has done. (That’s moving in me my brother) (yeahh) Look what the lord has done. (Sometimes I can’t believe it when I )Look what the lord has done. (Umm can’t believe it when I look yeah) Look what the lord has done. (Yeahhh, He’s done so many wonderful things yeahh umm) Look what the lord has done. 
Look. (ayeee oooh oh no), 
Look(take a minute, ohh take a minute and)
Look (ohhh, oh yeah, take a minute and)
Look (be grateful, ohhh take a minute and)
Look (yeahhh, ahh umm ahh yeah) Look what the lord has done (ohhhhh) (ooooh) I look right at you, let me tell you what you are. YOU’RE A MIRACLE.



The Jonny x Mali Tour runs from September 30th through October 13th. DC was the 6th stop and they now have two tour dates left:


●Sunday October 10th, 2021 – Chicago, IL at House of Blues.

●Wednesday October 13th, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA at The Novo.


If you’re in one of these cities, we recommend you experience them in person. If you’ve already experienced them at one of their earlier tour dates, tell us about it in the comment section. If you have not and won’t be able, let this article hold you and bring you as close as possible to experiencing it first hand because it was one never to forget.


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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Music Journalist, and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.

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