Introducing Concert Daily Live Concert Streams


Yep folks, we’re stepping into the arena!

While we’re STILL stuck at home on the “rona” quarantine, and Summer is slowly getting started, we’re all sitting here wondering when we’ll be able to really get back outside, and get to some live concerts. Unfortunately, that looks very unlikely for the immediate future.

Luckily enough, we’ve got a bit of past concert footage to hopefully keep us covered until artists get back on the road, so we’re launching the #CDQuarantineConcert series. Starting next Friday, June 12th at 8 PM, we’ll do a simulcast live stream of a concert, both here at and our Facebook page. Our inaugural show will be one of the hottest concert tours from 2019, the much talked about B2K Millennium Tour, live from their stop in Baltimore.

To coincide with Black Music Month, we’ll hit you with a weekly live stream, but once the month of June is over, we’ll switch to a bi-weekly steaming schedule.

Each broadcast will feature a different artist, so you never know who’s concert might pop up. We’re even open for suggestions, so leave us some comments down below to let us know who’s concert you might like to see.



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