2019 Baltimore AFRAM Day 2 Recap

Last Saturday saw the kick off for the 43rd Annual Baltimore AFRAM festival out in Druid Hill Park, where it was certainly a time for the Millennials to pull up and get lit with all of the musical acts that were more geared towards them with The Combs Brothers, Sevyn Streeter and Rick Ross taking the stage. While Sunday’s vibe was considerably more chilled than the day before, please don’t think that it was any more less of a party.

First, was this young lady who is new on the scene to many but has definitely been around since her teens. She goes by the name of: Kiana Ledé who happens to have a very popular song in heavy rotation on the radio right now called: “EX“. Wearing a beautiful silky smooth pleated, highwasted, bell bottomed, vibrant purple slack with a matching purple and green fur bra. She came to make a statement and leave the audience wanting more. She accomplish that vocally and stage presence wise! Kiana Ledé and her band slayed the stage!!!

By this point, the crowd began to tighten in as people’s desire grew wild for Baltimore’s own DRU HILL, who was named in homage to the very park this wonderful festival was being hosted at: DRUID HILL PARK.

There are just some groups that NEVER lose their swag and stage power. It is never a dull moment when Dru Hill hits the stage. Fully packed with a dynamite type of endless energy, they sent us all to the era they dominated in and had everyone going wild, all in awe of the freshness they still bring! Everyone got all the way into their performances and could have definitely welcomed the opportunity to be entertained by them much much longer! Overall, they got it going on, and we hope to see them rise even higher as they continue to wow every crowd that gets the honor of witnessing their greatness!!!

After being brought to a musical high from Dru Hill it was time for the last performance of the night and festival. The moments leading up to this legendary performance was heart racing. The music began and dancers came out giving all kinds of sass as they rocked all their dance routine. Then that special moments came in real time, TEDDY RILEY walked in from the back center of the stage! Looking as if he has the secret to pause time. Sharp from head to toe and flawless as ever. Dressed in all white with that signature smile making all the women go wild! He was joined by Blackstreet who is iconic all by themselves and surprised us all with a special favorite male vocalist of many: Dave Hollister, who is an original member and was effortlessly hitting all the legendary notes and solo parts we all love so much from Blackstreet’s repertoire. The other two awesome members: Rodney Poe who is a solo artist and vocal arranger and J-Stylz who is a music producer and solo artist, also had everyone amazed as they too released notes left and right that were pure fire. All members can definitely stand strong alone, which makes them as a group a powerful force sincerely lead by passion and real brotherhood. Unstoppable beautiful tones and harmonies just consistently reaching our souls, bonding this moment together musically forever. Blackstreet will always be blazing bright.

It was epic, and just when it was hard to believe that it could get any better, Guy came out and took us to heights we wasn’t ready for. The amount of energy Damion Hall, who is the younger brother of Aaron Hall had, and level of soul, was so intense! The bass coming through the speakers by this point were actually vibrating so strongly, people’s shirts were shaking as the pressure was bouncing off of all of us. I can definitely say, I have never experienced that level of bass at a live performance. That bass actually had me captivated as it controlled my body. The sun was beginning to set and the golden glow over the stage was really creating a fairy tale atmosphere, only adding to the real magic that already held our full attention. Damion had the women going wild when he decided to jump down off of the stage and twist, grind and serenade the women up close and personal.

All this time, Teddy Riley is on the keyboard/TalkBox singing and jamming and it’s all so surreal because he is really incredible in real time, up close and personal! Just his charisma alone mesmerizes you and of course his presence stuns you as you actually take in the fact that he’s standing right before you on stage performing all hits he wrote! The blissful engagement had everyone feeling so thankful we grew up on these truly soulful grooves we also know as the New Jack Swing Genre, which single-handedly have been the soundtracks to many many memories we all can easily pin point in our personal life journeys.

This entire event was full of emotional rush ignited by an enormous musical wave that touched the soul and in return brought out more soulful melodies because the artists and audience fueled each others inner fire, which enhanced the thrill of what a music festival should be. For anyone who underestimated this event and all the amazingness it had to offer, you really missed out. You can not beat these type of opportunities where you get free access to performers you’d usually have to pay Hundreds of dollars to get half as close to. Next year’s event will be just as awesome than this year’s. So, make sure you get hip and follow us here at ConcertDaily.Com so you will always be in the know and be able to catch all the great music concerts, festivals and more.

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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.

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