Pic Playback: Boyz II Men warmed up Mother’s Day at Baltimore’s MECU Pavilion

Boyz II Men took Baltimore’s Inner Harbor by storm during Mother’s Day Weekend. The group, who are currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of their multi-platinum, smash album “II”, cemented their iconic status over the course of a 90-minute-long performance at the MECU Pavilion on Sunday.

Although this was an uncharacteristically cold and rainy May evening, that didn’t stop long time fans and supporters from coming out to be serenaded by some good “ole fashion sangin”.

The “Bad Boys” of R&B music 112 served as the opening act of this concert.  Original members Slim and Mike hit the stage with pure fire, performing the remix to their debut single “Only You” before jamming out to the rest of their classic hits. “Peaches & Cream“, “Cupid“, “You Already Know“, and “It’s Over Now” had it feeling more like a 90’s night club than a modern day concert.

To let the audience know that they are still relevant today, the decided to perform their new single entitled “Tonight“, which blends their melodic voices with a 2019 dance beat. They closed out with arguably the biggest hit that they’ve been featured on, 1997’s “I’ll Be Missing You“.

Amid applause from fans, the singers Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman, and Nathan Morris appeared on a stage opening with their debut single, the New Jack Swing dance number “Motownphilly“.

From the moment they hit the stage, BIIM proved they didn’t come to play! Joined by a 4 piece band, they showcased all of the 90’s style harmonies which they have been long celebrated.

The set was filled with hit after hit from their discography, which now include 13 albums. All of the songs that you would expect made a guest appearance and automatically took us all back to that time when R&B dominated the music scene. “Please Don’t Go“, “I’ll Make Love To You“, “4 Seasons of Loneliness” and even one of my personal favorites “Uhh Ahh

As this was rightfully billed as a momma’s day show, the band paid homage to all the moms in the audience, performing “A Song For Momma”.

The show closed out with the songs that they considered the “Boyz II Men classics”, including “On Bended Knee“, “Water Runs Dry“, and the commercial smash “End of The Road“, which was the song that slingshot them to superstar status and 90’s music mainstay.

By the end of the night their soulful voices warmed each and every attendee up from the outside in. If you decided to treat your mom out to this concert, we believe that you scored some extra points with her for this one.


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