Pic Playback: Adina Howard & Big Daddy Kane Shut Down The BBJC

“Do You Wanna Ride?” was the 1995 breakout album of R&B belle Adina Howard. Not only was that the album title, but that should’ve also been the question she asked those in attendance at her concert at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club.

It was a night of “freaks” and “beats” Friday, February 22nd as sultry R&B met old school hip-hop, when Ms. Howard was paired with Big Daddy Kane.

BDK kicked the party off on a real chill vibe, but with the intention of giving you a brief lesson on true lyricism. Performing songs like “Aint No Half Stepping“, “Warm It Up Kane“, “Smooth Operator“, the grown and sexy crowd for a minute revisited their teenage years.

There’s truly nothing like an old school party, and that’s exactly what things turned into, with call and response sections and even break dancers cutting it up on stage. Kane knows how to turn a party out, and was the perfect energy that was needed to go into the next act.

It was now time for the ladies to have their moment, and a moment indeed it was. Since she launched onto the music scene 24 years ago, Adina Howard has always been about repping for the ladies,

There’s no secret that a lot of artists who came out around the same time haven’t been able to quite keep their singing chops “up to par”, at no point was this even a question during this concert. Often times sounding better than the wax LP, we reminisced on times that were much more fun via the vibes of such hits as “My Up and Down” and “It’s All About You“.


No longer are the days of black leather booty shorts, we got a more “reserved”, mature look from the chanteuse. Looking damn good for the 40 & better crowd, she kept it fairly simple, but still sexy and classy, rolling out on stage in an oversized shirt, a pair of leggings and thigh high boots. Although her stage attire was on chill mode, she still laid it on the line that there was still a bit of freakiness inside.

Being a proud member of #TeamScorpio, Ms. Howard let you see just how much her freak flag flies when she started to perform the more adult hits “T-shirt & Panties“, “(Freak) And U Know It”, and “Nasty Grind“, which was the moment she had everyone talking. During this time, an unsuspecting male member of the audience was pulled onto the stage, and given a quite up close and personal moment, receiving what he may consider the lap-dance of his life. Giving the ladies a lesson on how to “ride” in the reverse cowboy position, she was still able to provide crystal clear live vocals.

There was only one song that had been missing up until this point, the one that made her famous, but she left that as a parting gift to us all. As soon as the beginning beat to “Freak Like Me” kicked in, all the ladies in the audience jumped out of their seat with much anticipation. Some of these women probably hadn’t “popped their bodies” that hard since Freaknik 97, but THAT’S OKAY! They all got their money’s worth, and really, that’s the only thing that matters.

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