Looked around and even the most studious of attendees were in here winding, 2 stepping, and shoulder bopping. A Dressed to impress mature crowd sparkling. Eyes filled with excitement, warm lighting hitting the multiple tones of skin. Blending afro-centric couture with modern style, grace and a whole lot of joy within. It was evident we had just entered into the original Wakanda experience! The tempos, lyrical domination and powerful stage presence was a legacy of evolution strategically built throughout decades. Placing us in tangible reach and celebration of these extraordinary everyday people internationally known as Arrested Development. Heck, even I was getting down between snapping pics. This consciously aware music group will have you dancing publicly in ways your mirror is only supposed to know about.

As the show begin radio personality Vic Jagger of Majic 102.3 appeared on stage hosting the lovely night and boosting the crowd with an infectious ambition to get the crowd hyped. Then, we were immediately brought out of our comfort zones as the right songs kept hitting our souls due to DJ “The Noise Maker” Rico always knowing just what to play to get us all right. Warming us up quickly, he’d already turned the energy levels up and the crowd had no intention of turning back down! Being as though this was an Arrested Development concert, the fit was perfect. This group has a high appreciation for the historical makeup, set up and cultural aura Hip Hop brings, so starting the show with a DJ was just right.

Colorful, vibrant and true to the heart, Arrested Development finally hit the stage coming out with 10 million percent strong energy, as if they were performing on their dream stage. What a joy to see legends performing with the enthusiasm of an undiscovered artist and the regal poise of the super stars they are. We as the audience even felt their admiration of us, and that was really moving.

With so many albums and hit songs to go around, they went through an amazing dose of their billboard, album and international hits and had it so hot inside, there was no need to wipe the sweat so everyone turned their menus into fans and kept on partying. Musical bliss taking over as songs such as: “Revolution”, “Ease My Mind”, “I Don’t See You At The Club”, “United Front”, “Tennessee”, “Mr. Wendal”, and “People Everyday”, were performed. Make no mistake, it was a party with explosive measures hard to contain inside those walls. People were getting their life! I honestly believe what Arrested Development has to offer, is designed for large outdoor arena stages. It’s just too much goodness to get.


Representing their individuality, they gave new meaning to freedom of expression. Emcee Speech brought his smoother than silk, lyric sculpting, charismatic, hitmaker swag as he rapped through the many songs taking us to another place. Fareedah Aleem, A.K.A. The Black Aerialist, showed us just what she can do with her toned body as she gave us fierce African dance movement while holding down vocals as well. Then we have Emcee 1 love, who has such precision in his delivery, you stop everything to focus in on his fast rapping skills. Another show-stopper is Tasha LaRae the powerhouse singing diva who effortlessly belted out melodies that gave our bodies chills. To say this concert was therapeutic is an understatement. I saw people closing their eyes as they tilted their heads back, allowing the music to release the days tension. Even the band had a euphoric swag to them. E. Lamont on Keys, Smok on Drums, JJ Boogie On Guitar and holding down the title of Producer as well as doing the Music Mixing and Engineering, and TJ on Bass, all played with so much passion it was perfection.

Embarking on trail blazing music, much musical nourishment was found! The musical realness of Grammy Award Winning Music Group Arrested Development has always enlightened the masses. Proving conscious lyrics equipped with moving, up-tempo beats was a desired and wanted musical choice then and now. Being present in a room filled with their level of positivity was the backdrop that encouraged the crowd at the sold out concert venue: Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club in Bethesda MD, to stay true to authenticity and “Never Sell Out Just To Sell Out”. Arrested Development’s music has a way of entering your mind and having you intellectually pursuing life more seriously afterward. It’s this type of influential impact that is welcomed and needed in today’s music industry. With a group like Arrested Development holding down a 25 year and counting successfully acclaimed career and movement, we are still in very good hands. Their reach and draw has always been massive with sold out shows left and right, nationally and internationally without huge campaigning, which is incredible.

All of the amazing attributes lead back to the music and their many tremendous humanitarian efforts. With many albums, here are some to get you going: “3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days In The Life Of…”, “Zingalamaduni”, “Heroes Of The Harvest”, “Strong” and their most recent albums “Changing The Narrative” and “This Was Never Home”. Arrested Development has lifetimes of impact left as they just recently rocked the trumpet awards and are shooting new music videos in every tour stop location. Speech has two documentaries he is working on with one called: “16 Bars”. Tasha has an EP Album she just dropped called: “Light” and everyone else always has something interesting going on as well. So, we can’t wait to see their journey as it continues to keep shining bright and bringing many people together.


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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.


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