Review: Elohim’s Message Of Love Spreads Beyond The Baltimore Soundstage Walls

Ahead of the release of her debut album, LA based singer/songwriter/producer Elohim is out in the streets determined to make sure that people know exactly who she is.

Currently on a headlining tour that will take her through to the beginning of July, one of her first stops was in Charm City Baltimore at the local favorite venue Baltimore Soundstage.

I’ll admit that at first, my prior knowledge of this young, budding artist was slim to none, which gave me a blank slate going into the concert. This totally turned out to be a positive measure since I had an unbiased opinion of her artistry and was able to take the whole experience in.

Walking into the venue, I immediately got a sense that this would be different from any other show that I attended because house music was playing throughout the building and everyone was just feeling the music. Elohim’s fans were lost in the music as several were breaking out in full sweat from dancing, while the others you could tell, were caught up in a trance.

Those good vibes didn’t stop there, they actually carried throughout the whole night, starting when Baltimore based artist Life On Planets hit the stage. With a set full of his own personally crafted house tunes and electronica dance music, it’s safe to say that he made Bmore proud.

Coming along for the ride on this tour was one of Elohim’s friends, Yoshi Flower. This alternative rocker had a unique mystique about him, but that was exactly what he used to his advantage to draw the crowd in. While the set was primarily performed in the dark, with the exception of a fog light at the rear of the stage, it was just him and his guitar that were the catalyst to create light that radiated around Soundstage.

Before the leading lady of the night arrived, there was a message beaming bright on her LCD video walls that read

Welcome to the world of Elohim. You are beautiful. You give the world light. Make friends with the humans around you. We are all one. Let’s enjoy the night. I love you all the way. XAAX, EL

Little did I know that she would be a psychic looking into her own future, as everything that she had predicted came true by the end of her show. It was totally evident that her show was created with the theme of love in mind…love for herself, love for her craft and love for her fans.

When Elohim hit the stage, she continued the mysterious look that Yoshi Flower started, by walking out with her hooded trench coat so far down over her eyes that you could barely see her face. In all realness, none of this mattered as the music is what her followers were in attendance for, but that didn’t matter for long once she dropped her coat and revealed a sleeker look in a fitted pair of black jeans and lace bra.

If you are not familiar with her music, her sound rides the line of electronica meets EDM, but with levels of soul and a voice so to speak. Usually I’m not a fan of this style of music at all, but after 20 minutes or so, I was being pulled in as much as everyone else who knew ALL the words to her songs.

Her 45 minute set included the tracks “Hallucinating“, “The Wave“, and “Half Love” that are all lifted from the self-titled release, which is up for pre-order and due to hit stores on April 27th.

The moment that she took everyone for the biggest loop was when she called out Yoshi Flower for them to perform their duet “Panic Attacks” live on stage. Although she closed her show with track “Fuck Your Money“, it totally wasn’t her style to leave out on such a negative and rather harsh note.

As she said her goodbyes, she hopped down off the stage with a handful flowers in her hand, and walked along the pit to greet her fans for an impromptu meet & greet. THIS was the point at which she took her act of love beyond the stage and really touched people’s hearts.

Her tour continues on throughout the United States, so catch her at one of your local venues, not only if you’re a fan, but also if you want to step out of the box and get a different musical experience.

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