Pic Playback: Baltimore Still Knows K.Michelle

The weekend of February 11th was an unusually wet one in terms of weather for the city of Baltimore, where we were drenched in rain from Saturday all the way up until Sunday. As the old saying goes, “rain doesn’t stop the show“, but I would almost put money on it to say that a good show DOES stop the rain, and this is exactly what happened Sunday night, February 11th.

Kimberly Michelle Pate, better known by her stage name K. Michelle rolled her “The People I Used To Know” Tour right into town, but also seemingly brought the good weather with her as well, as the temps were in the high 60’s and clear skies. Good weather was not the only thing that showed up for K, the people of Baltimore, who we can assume were her faithful #Rebels, came out in full force too, as the line to Rams Head Live was backed up all the way down the street.

The show started off around 8:15 PM with an opening act, a male R&B singer by the name of Damar Jackson. Hailing from Louisiana, this southern brother is a newbie on the scene, but that had NO effects on him captivating a crowd compromised mainly of Baltimore women. Via his musical talents, he was able to warm the crowd up and set the mood for what everyone was waiting for.

At approximately 9:30 PM, the house lights went down and a huge LED screen on the stage began to play an intro video that featured a montage of K’s photos, before the word ALERT flashed on the screen. it was at this exact moment that K.Michelle walked out on stage in a red leather jacked and pair of black leather pants, and a red leather coat ripping right into “Alert“, which is a new track from her album. Almost immediately her fans started to go off and get lost in the music when she rolled on to the next song “Rich“.

For about an hour and a half straight, we were treated to pure contemporary R&B music at it’s finest, but with the K.Michelle twist that the general public has come to love. She dipped back into songs from her previous three albums to give an extremely well, musically rounded show. Over the years, some folks have given K. some flack for her attitude, but one thing is for certain, she treats her touring family as real family and gives them their just due. Case in point, there were several opportunities during the show where she stepped back from the spotlight and allowed her background singers Gen and Nesha take center stage. Not only did they take the stage, but they sang a hole in the stage with their covers of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You” and The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly“.

Out of all the cuts that she performed from her new album, we found it rather odd that she cut her current single “Make This Song Cry” down to merely a verse and a hook, but the fans didn’t really care though. What they did care about is the fan interaction that she showed all night, especially towards the end of her set. For the last three songs of the show, we saw the R&B belle hop down off of the stage and into the pit to not only perform the rest of the tracks, but to reach out and touch her fans. At one point she gave the the mic to one super ecstatic fan for the final number “Crazy Like You“, and he absolutely killed it. Once the show was over and the band had finished playing it’s final note, fans were still gathering at the pit area to either greet, hug or catch a quick snap with K.Michelle, who continued to give love to her people until she was whisked away backstage.

The “People I Used To Know” Tour is just getting started folks, so catch it in a city near you. In the meantime while you wait for your show date, check out the gallery of photos shot by our photographer Arturo Holmes.



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