Live And In Living Color, Bruno Mars Coming Back ‘Atcha With Cardi B On Tour **Updated With Tour Dates**


One More Time!

That’s the kinda mood that Bruno Mars is in right now. Hot off a big night at the 60th annual Grammy Awards winning 5 awards, and a “House Party” worthy live performance of his hit “Finesse” with the Bronx beauty Cardi B, the all around showman is still on a high.

For the second half of 2017 Bruno was selling out virtually everywhere with his 24K Magic tour, but now he’s setting sights to make the final curtain call. After teasing fans via his Twitter page last night, he has officially let the cat out the bag that he’ll be going on the finale leg of the tour, along with his new partner in prime Cardi. We’re sure the addition of Bartier Cardi will bring us a live version of their duet, but we’ll also see what’s in store as far as stage presence since this will be her first REAL tour

The show dates have been set and tickets go on sale February 16th…are you going!?

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