Janet Jackson Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane With The “OG Kids” At Her Sold Out Hollywood Concert

Last night Janet Jackson rolled her “State Of The World” Tour into her home state of California, for a sold out show at the Hollywood Bowl. With a musical icon such as Jackson coming to Tinseltown, you already figured that this would be a star-studded event like no other.

Ms. Jackson “If you’re nasty” decided to up the ante about 10 different levels with her show on Sunday. During her performance for her mega hit “Rhythm Nation“, Janet brought out the majority of her old dancers (who we call The OG Kids) who have toured with her from over the past 28 years to once again dig into the choreography for old times sake.

There was SO much history on this stage folks, I’m not sure if you truly understand. A lot of the folks who toured the world went on to catapulted careers. Tina Landon, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Tyce DiorioTravis PayneNikki Pantenburg, Kelly Konno, Tish Oliver, Eddie Morales and many, many more were a part of this momentous occasion.

For any of you who grew up during the 90’s, you KNEW what a major deal any Janet Jackson video or live performance was, and part of that deal was the full package which included her dancers. Not only did she have some of the tightest, and most talented performers dancing for her, but she also treated them as family. Any one of your faves who incorporates dancers into their live shows, we can pretty much guarantee you that they strive to recreate the same vibe from which Janet created the mold for.

This moment was at least 17 years in the making, as some of the people that were once part of her entourage, all of a sudden became estranged, leaving fans wondering what had REALLY happened, for as not only did the dancers become part of Jan’s family, but they were also sisters and cousins to her loyal legion of fans.  To all of you artists out there who are organizing a touring unit, please take note that this is how you treat your supporting staff. It’s a true testament of how great a boss you had, when you’ll easily come back to work for them 28 years after your last assignment.

We have not seen Janet look this happy, eased, and at home on stage for a very long time, so you know that she was truly taken aback and relishing in the moment, as all of them were. As long time Janet fans over here at Concert Daily, we simply have to say THANK YOU JANET!

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