KATY PERRY: WITNESS THE TOUR DC Stop Live At The Capitol One Arena Was Incredible!

Immediately explosive and extremely attention grabbing. Katy Perry came to slay every single portion of her concert. This was a mind blowing experience for every fan of hers who made it their business to be there that wonderful DC night at the Capitol One Arena.

Imagine being overwhelmed in amazement and being in your favorite fantasy at the same time. That’s the internal exploration your mind will be experiencing at this “Katy Perry: Witness The Tour” experience.

Her DC tour stop is only the 5th stop of a scheduled 100. However, you would not have been able to guess that they had just begun because the execution was years worth of impeccable. With 10 dancers, 2 backing vocalist and a 5 piece band, the unity and accuracy was priceless to witness in person!

As we all set in anticipation scoping out the stage, extended stages, extensive lighting rigoring above, and the amount of people in this packed arena, a very large eye was looking back at all of us. The mega sized digital display was literally in the shape of an eye and It was turning left and right, blinking at us. That alone was weirdly clever to do. However, that was only the prelude. Talk about OMG moments back to back. From the start to the very end, everything was completely mesmerizing.

Without warning the lights darkened and the stage literally came to life. It was hard to determine where to look because you would miss something. To start, there was an incredible digital presentation accompanied by a wonderful music arrangement that the band was holding down. Then, to our amazement, the center of the eye opened up and Katy Perry appeared. She was sitting on this huge bright outlined star, in the air with smoke and lighting effects making the reveal magical.

It was definitely time for the audience to hold on to their seats and strap up because the ride Ms. Perry was about to take us on was about to heat up the already intense brilliant journey. Katy Perry is well known for her love of bright bold colors and patterns and it was definitely apparent in every single portion of the show. Starting out her performances was the title song off of her New Album Entitled: Witness. Then, she took us on a roller coaster ride of bliss performing: “Roulette”, “Teenage Dream”, “Hot And Cold”, “California Girl”, “I Kissed A Girl”, “E.T.”, “Bon Appetit”, “Swish Swish”, “Roar”, “Fireworks” and more.

The full concert consisted of 6 different segments and costume changes with microphones to match, that all flowed beautifully together. Out of all the incredible moments within the show, two moments stood out the most. The first was when Katy Perry picked a young girl named Lailah out of the audience, way in the back of the arena. Katy brought her up, asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Lailah said she wanted to be a star or a doctor. Then, Katy asked her to make a wish for the shooting star that would only be activated after a wish. At that moment, little Lailah touched the audience hearts when and said: “I wish my parents would not battle over custody of me and get along”. That was a tear jerker for sure and the song that set the mood that got us to the above moment was “Thinking Of You” Watch below as Katy Perry performs it in band rehearsal for this tour.

The second special moment was Katy Perry picking out a father named Gordon from Virginia. He was there with his daughters and it was actually his birthday. She brings him up on stage and the set is filled with large human sized blow up basketballs with this mega sized basketball court center stage. A score board was displayed on the right and left digital screens. They played an actual 1 on 1 basketball game which the father won. It was great to watch and his daughters greeted him with huge hugs of excitement when he returned to his seat. The entire idea was very interactive and was great promo for the actual music video recently released for the song “Swish Swish”.

Overall, the detail planning for this tour was evident. There were so many intricate pieces put together to make this tour incredible. The band was on point, the backing vocalist really sang their hearts out and was also on point. The dancers and choreography was sooo fun to watch and they did every step and staging with precision. The lighting technicians and digital graphic designers artistically slayed every single display and lighting affect. Lastly, tech meaning the stage crew, put their all into the transitioning of sets and props. They worked sooo very hard I couldn’t help but cheer for them throughout the show as well.

This was the kind of experience you encounter that makes you want to try much harder and believe in your dreams that much stronger because all we WITNESSED, started as a dream. It took time to develop that dream, put it in words, project the ideas to others and then slowly break it up in piece to make each portion tangible. So, the combination of much effort and focus put into this project could finally be merged and a masterpiece could be complete.

The name of this album and tour is perfect because it is saluting all the hard work put in and proudly announcing to the world “We are ready and we are extremely proud of our efforts, Now we invite you to come be a WITNESS”. It also reflects the incredible journey from within from an artistic place, which they took the dreaming, dedication, love and talent and made it visual for us all to explore and WITNESS.

Katy Perry: Witness The Tour experience is definitely one tour you do not want to miss. It is so good that, even if it has already came to your city, it would make for a dope trip to take with your friends to see it in a surrounding city or state. They are still going strong so go and get your tickets today. It really feels good to be a WITNESS!


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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.

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