A True Vocal SAVAGE! Tank Rocked His DC Tour Stop At The Howard Theatre

TEMPERATURES were RISING as Tank made the Howard Theatre Hot Like Fire during his tour stop in DC on Friday. He came determined to take us higher! Emotionally, mentally, musically, and for some, physically! Capitalizing on the sensual mood bouncing off of him, he ignited a captivating seduction onto many of his diehard fans who knew every lyric word for word.

You have to OVERstand the impact this Grammy nominated, R&B Singer/Songwriter/Pianist And more, has! Tank mesmerized the packed house with his well orchestrated melodic phrasing as he sat those sexy musical tones on top of each other, so they could make love and imitate the feeling you should have when indulging in the mystical moment of “bliss” yourself! Almost like an instructor, he guided our ears down lyrically driven, intriguing roads! Detailing vivid descriptions, positions, persuations, and thrills. He pulled off an excellent presentation of how to live in ones sexiness! Tank is an artist who is definitely HARD TO RESIST, with an alluring grin that’ll make you want to fall in for a French kiss! Wooo! The man is simply, THE S#!T!

Starting things out, we were warmed up very nicely by all the amazing performers who graced the stage as opening acts and Special Guests for Tank. DC’s own Jerel Crockett was first. Dressed in a nice embroidered black velvet suit, he wowed the crowd with his renditions of Tyrese, John Legend, Neyo and Luther Vandross bangers. Jerel made all of Tank’s efforts to provide a strong professional opportunity to a local artist from each tour stop, worthwhile and special! Congrats to Jerel for bringing his ‘A’ game both vocally and in his stage presence. Round Of Applause! Next up was Imaj who immediately hit us with high level energy as he touched every area of the stage rocking the mic. He took his shirt off and then the turn up really began.

After Imaj gave us the turn up, the first Special Guest artist Dante Dontay Duntea appeared with a serious energy surge. In a one piece orange jumpsuit he started spiting fire and hyped the crowd. You could look around and see everyone jamming to his groove and hard hitting presence. By this point, everyone was excited and anticipating Sammie who was the Special Guest artist right before Tank . Sammie comes out on the stage, starts killing his songs that many of the audience members knew, takes of his shirt and the women go wild. It is clear immediately that he can SAAANNGGG!!! However, if some how you didn’t recognize his beautiful talent, maybe once a woman on the right side of the stage taking off her bra, throwing it up to Sammie, like the women use to do to Smokey, should have made you zero in on his skill. I mean, you definitely have a gift when you can sing someone’s clothes off, Literally!

Now with the atmosphere just right, It was time for Tank. The General made sure he came out on the stage to bring us to a drenching sauna induced, heated performance, that had the women falling up out of their classy stance and into their sassy personas. This R&B soilder came equipped with all of the makings of soul solidified in passion.

Peforming his new hits off of the upcoming new album “Savage” as well as satisfying the need of hearing some of his other fan favorites off of earlier projects, he tore the stage up. The authenticity of his live vocals transcends across all platforms you’ve ever heard him on, which is mind blowing to recognize the effortless power in each note he hits raw.

He took his time and strategically gave a flawless performance overall. Complete with a wardrobe change, the highly anticipated reveal of his oiled down washboard abs, vocal riffs, piano serenades, fog machine, mood lighting and a life sized light fixture of his carved out name. There is no doubt that Tank gave us his all, made a major statement and left us still wanting more. It is a must that you go and pre order your copy of his new Album “Savage” that officially drops on September 29th, 2017 and check his tour schedule so you can be there to experience him live in a city near you.

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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.


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