Pic Playback: The FutureHndrxx Tour Sets The Royal Farms Arena Ablaze

There certainly was no mask on the Royal Farms Arena on Monday, August 21st as the FutureHndrxx Tour pulled up and pulled off an immeasurable feat. We already know that the reigning king of trap music, Future is currently dominating the rap music game, but now he’s taken sights to dominate the rap CONCERT game as well!

As hot and thick as the air was last night in Baltimore, what was even hotter was the performance the whole city had been waiting for. Post Malone had just exited the stage after giving one of the most genuine and heartfelt performances I had ever seen. All of the Royal Farms Arena lights were subsequently turned out, the only illumination coming from the thousands of phones ready to record as soon as the comfortably, yet superbly fashionable Future stepped onto the stage.

Headlining an arena is something that’s relatively new for that Atlanta-born rapper, as his past few tours have taken place either at a smaller concert hall, or amphitheater sized location. The tour production also spelled out “big tour business”, as he had several LED video walls on stage to help enhance his performance. Amped and ready, he engages the crowd that has been screaming over him for the last 2 minutes. His stage presence coupled with the heart pounding energy, and the music vibrating into your very core, one couldn’t help but to be drawn in.

I found myself jumping up and down with excitement, joining the thousands of people already enraptured. It seems that I wasn’t the only one jumping up and down…his loyal legion of fans, who call themselves the Futurehive were out in total full force, and that’s telling of his buying power in music. Future literally STAYS on the road…this is probably his third tour in two years, but the fans keep coming out no matter how many times they have saw him live.


The performance went up a level when Future’s dance crew stepped onto the scene. The visual of their enigmatic moves coupled with the pyrotechnics that engulfed the stage made the night almost too exciting to breathe. The show was most definitely a melodic match to the name. Future. Here in Baltimore, we most assuredly look forward to the very next time that he touches the ground, and makes it quake.

Take a gander at some images of the show, shot by our photographer Arturo Holmes.

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