Pic Playback: Bibi Bourelly Balls Out At Bmore Soundstage

German-American singer Bibi Bourelly has officially set her eyes on world domination, and part of that plan is by making surprise appearances in the form of “pop-up” concerts.

Announced just a little over a week before the show was to take place, Ms. Bourelly saw fit to land in the place of Mary, where she took on the Baltimore Soundstage on Friday, June 9th.


For her first time in the Baltimore market, plenty people in attendance were intrigued to see what kind of offering she would display, but she seemed to keep things pretty simple…just her, a mic stand and her 3 member band. No dancers, or over-the-top production was needed. She performed material from her E.P.’s “Free The Real ” Parts 1 & 2, her radio hit “Ballin‘” and a few other jewels.

Get into our gallery of some shots from the show, and if you’re a Bibi fan, stay tuned closely to her social media networks, because you’ll never know where she’ll pop up, literally.




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