Pic Playback: He Ain’t No Joke, Rakim Shows The Baltimore Soundstage How He Gets Down

One who some might considering arguably the greatest rapper of all time and one of hip-hop’s founding fathers, “The God” is still rocking shows all over the world, but on Thursday, June 1st, Baltimore Soundstage was blessed with the presence of the legendary MC Rakim himself.
The night was filled with an entire east coast line up who kept the crowds attention, such as Baltimore’s very own Guy Grams, Ill Conscious and Big Guy who put the charm back into Charm City by making it his mission to mingle in the crowd after his performance.
The moment Rakim stepped on the stage, he took control and effortlessly moved the crowd causing trips down memory lane with some of his greatest hits like “Paid in Full” and “Microphone Fiend“. If you haven’t stepped into the realm of original Hip Hip from a lyricist like Rakim, sadly you are missing out on an epic experience. Needless to say, Hip Hop is not dead.
For those of you who missed the show, check out the gallery of photos below.


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