The 1st Annual Fyre Festival Is A Total Fail

So in the current climate of today’s live music industry, there is always a new music festival popping out of the woodwork, and as concert lovers, we’re totally fine with that.

As with any new “thing”, you know that the first time around there will be some snags and bumps along the road, which will not pan out to be a total “simplistic” experience…that’s even something we can give a pass to. A total unorganized mess though…nahhh, we can’t excuse that in the least bit.

The newly created Fyre Festival, which was the brain child of Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, kicked off it’s first day to all sorts of problems. Branded as a new luxury VIP festival on a private island in the Bahamas that was intended to span across 2 weekends, attendees received less than VIP treatment, they actually didn’t receive any treatment at all. With ticket prices ranging from $1,000 to $12,000, you would expect that all business aspects of this event would have been cemented weeks ago, leaving only the festival itself to take place. From the looks of things, no business was even conducted.

Unlike most music festivals, this particular one had an extensive lineup of events for anyone who was on the island for that weekend, culminating in nightly concerts by some top musical acts. Blink 182, Ja Rule, Migos, Pusha-T, Desiigner, Lil YachtyKaytranada, and Major Lazer were all scheduled to perform, but before the show could even get a running start, Blink-182 cancelled, mentioning that they had doubts that they could give “the quality of performances we always give fans.”

That’s where things started to take a turn for the worse. The only way onto the island was via a private plane, but flights leaving Miami were being cancelled due to the island being packed to capacity. Festival goers complained about mass chaos and no organization, with even the staff being left in dark. As far as the “VIP experience” that they were promised, PLEASE see below!

Part of the package was to have a VIP tent with top notch amenities, but what was presented to eager millennials for their “relaxation” time were disaster relief tents. *smh*

One thing after another, it appears that this whole event is a total mess! Some people have been noted as filling out “refund papers”, which consists of writing their information on a blank sheet of paper, but the last time that we heard, the concierge desk, was well, missing in action.

We hope that ALL of this pans out and some action is taken on behalf of the curators since they have been as quiet as a mouse up until now. Sounds like this may be the biggest music festival disaster of all time, but we’ll continue to watch how it all unfolds.

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