Oh Snap, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo Killed A Surprise Performance in Baltimore

Last night Downtown Baltimore was extremely packed and busy to say the least. It was the closing night of the successful Light City festival, the usual bars in the party district were bustling, but most of all, The Lox had a sold out concert at Baltimore Soundstage for the final show of their Filthy America Tour.

One of the acts on the tour was a rapper by the name of Uncle Murda, who had made it known that he had just been signed to G-Unit Records, and that tonight was a cause for celebration. He stated that you can’t have a celebration without a few surprises, and before you noticed it, the crowd went nuts as 50 Cent and Tony Yayo both stepped out on stage to perform their respective hits “What Up Gangsta” and “So Seductive“.

Peep the full performance of the two at this massive hip hop show. As you can see the crowd is fully stacked with TRUE hip-hop heads, so we have proof that there is still a place for rap in it’s more pure form of what we recognize from times of yesteryear.

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