Forever In Our Musical Hearts: “Love N’ The City” Valentine’s Day Event Was Everything!

Who would have thought that just two days after the 59th annual Grammy awards aired, Valentine’s Day on the east coast in the DMV, could ignite a feeling and vibe so similar to a Grammy’s after party atmosphere. “So Indie Events” in collaboration with “Cohen Cosby Events” presented the “Love ‘n The City” event that was hosted by Raheem Devaughn. Magical and all in honor of Love Day, the venue, set up and musical performances all created the perfect, beautiful, visual and melodic representation of love metaphorically, “being in the air”.

At the new Ivy City Smokehouse in Washington DC, Hundreds of lovers gathered together in the name of celebration to experience love in the form of good food and live music. This event was upscale and classy, with a grown and sexy crowd. The dim yet florescent lighting really set the mood and placed everyone in a very zen vibe. Surrounded by couples who have been married for more than 20 years to singles celebrating love itself, everyone was in a blissful state of mind, and that flow of energy connected us all. You could look around and tell that the night would just continue to get better and better.

Following in the ambiance of style and grace, it would only make it right for “The Love King” Raheem Devaughn to enter the stage in smooth fashion, wearing a suit. Hosting the entire event before being the final artist to hit the stage, he definitely seduced the crowd, as it was a major tease for all of his diehard fans.

Nestled in the crowd, at the back of the room, where it was standing room only, it became very clear that these music lovers were committed to being patient and showing love to all of the opening and featured acts. Some women even stood the entire time in high heels, all for the love of music.

As the live performances began, the audience was introduced to some talented singers: Alex Vaughn, FU’NSHO, and Tyrus Turner, who all did their thing on stage, all accompanied by the house band who executed each song lovely. Next up, was Singer/Songwriter/Violinist Shamain, who looked and sounded amazing with her own band that was also awesome and nicely matched the wonderful flavor she brought to the stage. She grabbed the attention of every single person in the room. She came to conquer and she did just that. After a switch back to the house band “The Experience”, who throughout the night were showing off their grand musicianship, it was time for the 1st featured act “El Lambert” to hit the stage. He immediately captivated the audience with the very popular Musiq Soulchild Song “Just Friends”. After getting the audience excited, he laid out more back to back awesomeness in the form of covers and originals. Like the consummate professional he is, he held it down vocally and had a lot to do with the behind the scenes of putting everything together as Cohen Cosby’s business partner. He is a multi-tasker who can serenade any crowd and set the tone on and off the mic.

By this point, the stage was very well warmed up and ready to withstand the heat this next amazing Singer/Songwriter was about to bring. As the featured act, you could tell that a large amount of the audience not only came out for her but also knew all of her songs. Who am I speaking of? …The amazing Grammy Nominated Carolyn Malachi, of course. From the time she entered the stage in a stunning, elegantly bold red, long and flowing evening gown, her voice hugged each persons heart as she smoothly hit us all with amazing vocal ability and creativity melodically. Each note precisely placed and delivered with much energy. This graceful diva has real artistry. Her rendition of Anita Baker’s “Been So Long” was incredible, as she would also blend in a current “Hit” on the radio that the average person would not even think to group together. Instead of telling you about it, you have to see for yourself. Watch the video clip below now. Be prepared to be amazed and thankful her voice blessed your ears….and her unique band consisting of a bass player/Keyboardist, a drummer, and DJ Heat just made her whole experience one hundred percent times more amazing, as their musicianship will definitely blow your mind.

Last but certainly not least, the moment and artist, everyone was waiting for, finally arrived. Raheem Devaughn, Raheem Devaughn, and more of “The Love King” Grammy Nominated Raheem Devaughn. Though he had been there the whole time, it was as if he was the equivalent to Clark Kent as he hosted and teased, because the women especially, was antsy and could not wait for him to transform in to the soulful version of Superman! They were soooo ready to have a valid reason to lose their minds when he sang any note, said any word or licked his lips. Raheem Devaughn came out and the energy grew to over capacity. His agenda for the night had to be: “Im gonna make you LOVE love whether you’re in it or not, and you’re definitely gonna love me, no doubt!” He brought the audience the soul, the swag and the musical greatness lyrically, that we all love him for. Simply put, “He Did That”! Joined in brotherhood with Demont Pinder (Picasso) and DJ Rico “The Noise Maker”, both on stage enhancing the euphoric vibe, brought out the living color of artistic dopeness they all equally contribute to the stage time and time again. Magic was successfully made and every person left very full with the love-Itis and heavily weighted musical greatness.

It was an incredible night, with genuine LOVE N’ THE CITY and definitely a whole lot of  Love n’ The Air.


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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.

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