Review: DCLA Productions Brings Slayana aka Brandy To The DMV


Sunday, November 20th was a night for the DMV area to remember. It has been some time since the “vocal bible”, Brandy, has given a full show and fans showed up in droves to attend.


The show began with the DC areas Wonder Woman, PatriceLIVE. Performing singles like “Catwalk” and “64 Mustang“from her latest project,Ghost of Boyfriends Past“., LIVE hit the stage winning over a difficult crowd fairly quickly. With dance breaks and a live band; it was the makings of a great show.


 The audience erupted in excitement and began reciting lyrics as PatriceLIVE paid homage to artist of the 90s. Fans appreciated music from Aaliyah and a very impressive rendition of Lil Kim‘s “Crush On You“. Her set ended with her new single, “LeftOvers” and sharing her appreciation for everyone in the Fillmore Silver Spring crowd. She was out to prove that she earned her opening spot and even though her set was riddled with a few sound issues; she made sure that she would leave the crowd wanting to know more about her.

Check out PatriceLIVE performing “Crush On You” below.

dsc_0300Brandy, B-Rocka, Vocal Bible – whatever you want to call her, she did not come to the DMV to play. Her show started with a dance set that looked to be inspired by her stint playing Roxie Hart in the broadway play, Chicago. ‘Afrodisiac’ was the opening song of her 60 minute set. Other songs that she performed included “He Is“, “What About Us?“, “Put It Down“, “Baby“, “Bestfriend” and more. While I was enjoying the show I couldn’t help but notice how much her confidence on stage seems to grow every time I see her. How comfortable she is within herself and those on stage with her is very apparent.


Her talent is unmatched and frankly very missed in an industry that has gone away from true R&B. There is a reason that she is the recipient of the 2016 Soul Train Lady of Soul award. No one can deny the countless amount of artist she has inspired and endless amount of hits that she has. Standing in the venue as she is up on the stage singing so effortlessly as fans look at her in awe, is unlike any other show I have attended. The feeling you get during her vocal runs or excitement you feel when she starts feeling herself and really having fun on the stage pulls you in.

Fans are treated as family and although the show ran late and the venue was closing, Brandy made sure to greet, talk to and take a picture with every fan left after the event was over. There was no rushing her. The hugs and the conversations are just a few of the reasons why we would recommend going to a Brandy show. In a day where artist are walking off of the stage after performing three songs or less and not returning. It is nice to know that there are artist who have more appreciation for the people who support them.

Check out Brandy performing her newest song, ‘Beggin & Pleadin‘ below.

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