CD First Listen: Get A Taste Of El Lambert’s ‘What A Feeling’ featuring Fùnsho


Two Washington, DC indie artists have teamed up and are cooking up some hot tunes to get your soul pumping in these rather somber times that we’re currently living in. Wouldn’t you agree that we need an instant pick-me-up?

El Lambert and Fùnsho have been hard at work showing you that it is possible for two young African American males can work together, and what they have created is an instant bop.

The song is titled “What A Feeling” and is the first single off of The District of Collaboration project which was created by El Lambert and will be a year long project where each month a new record will be released featuring El Lambert and an artist based in the DC Metro area. “What A Feeling” is a fusion of R&B and Reggae (Reg&B, coined by Lambert) and it’s sure to get anyone moving on the dance floor, feeling good!

The song made its debut Oct. 31st on DTLR Radio and has been receiving rave reviews from music fans around the world, DJs and more! This is the kind of feel good music that we need that makes you want to grab a drink, sit back in your favorite chair, relax and just vibe out.

What are you waiting for, stop what you’re doing and get into this track below.

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