CD First Listen: Washington D.C.’s Own Funsho Drops Some “Prezzy” Knowledge This Election Year


In the state of music today, we get a lot of music that I consider “pop corn” music, meaning it’s cooked up in an instant, you eat it while it’s hot, and then when it starts cooling down, you throw it away aka disposable music. The time of artist not only being articulate in their words, but actually having a voice, and USING that voice to enlighten the minds of the youth has mostly slipped passed us.

With this current presidential race being one of the more heated ones in the past 30 years, you would think we would have more conscious material on the radio, I guess not, but then again, possible. In steps a relatively new artist on the scene by the name of Funsho.

He is an R&B artist based in the Washington, DC area and has just released his new single titled “Prezzy“! Why did he decide to write this record? See below:

“This song, “Prezzy” represents the current state of frustration that many people feel with politics and society in general. I wanted to speak on a lot of issues that bother me about the way that our society is constructed. I wanted to talk about our obsession with war and our tendency to bend, and often times even break the rules of what’s ethical in the name of profit. I was inspired to write this song after noticing all of the things that are happening in the world right now. I want the song to represent the idea that we can take things into our own hands as a society instead of relying on politicians and the powers that be to dictate our futures. The idea that I’m “running for president,” considering that I have no political experience nor do I consider myself to be an expert on politics is an attempt to claim power over my own destiny and what I want my world to be like. I hope that the song empowers those who listen to take power over theirs as well.”

Tonight, October 19th, Funsho will make a bold statement as an artist by having a Presidential debate watch party. In all of my years following music, I don’t think I can ever remember this happening, or if it did, it totally wasn’t broadcast. To mix things up and not keep things to heavy, the party is also doubling as the video release party for the “Prezzy” single.

If you’re not doing anything tonight and are in the DMV, we’ll say go check out his album release party. Just click on the image below to RSVP. Stay tuned to the happenings and the buzz around Funsho, because we need more music and artists like this today.


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