Recap: Anderson .Paak Came Down And Got Baltimore Lit


So we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about the relatively “new face” in music, XXL 2016 ‘Freshman class’ inductee Anderson .Paak. Well OK, he’s not exactly new since he’s been on the scene since 2010, but people are just now really finding out about him. He can thank that success to Dr. Dre for putting him on the ‘Compton’ motion picture soundtrack.

Since being featured on that set, the waves he has been making on his own have been crashing into peoples eardrums. Recently his sophomore album entitled ‘Malibu‘ was released at the top of the year and met with critical acclaim, so what’s next for an artist to do once they drop an album…you already know, they hit the road.

Friday night, June 17, 2016 saw .Paak roll into Baltimore with his Malibu Tour stop at the Baltimore Soundstage. Granted there are many artist who come out strong with a hot first single or decent album, most of them can’t deliver when it’s on a live playing field. This was NOT the case from what I experience. Honestly, I went into the show with little to no expectations at all. Of course I have seen his live televised performances on the late night shows, but a one-off performance here and there can’t display all of the talent that an artist might have. The show consisted of pure energy from start to finish, real singing from the gut and live instrumentation that made the songs sound much more rich than their album iterations. It doesn’t hurt that Paak plays the drums, which is where he spent about 1/3 of the show at, behind his drum kit.


As the humble individual that he is, he displayed that the show wasn’t all about him when he had UK rapper Little Simz open for him. When she walked out on stage, NO ONE in the venue knew what to expect from her or how to perceive her, but from the moment she started busting her rhymes and spitting lyrics that had true meaning, we felt that she was onto something. I couldn’t help but to get the vibe of a young Natalie Stewart (The Floacist from Floetry) while watching her because of the knowledge that she was dropping.

I left from this show feeling musically full and happy that I got to see both artists in their early beginnings. This was a show that I’d recommend anyone to see, because we need REAL music like this to make a strong comeback and dominate the airwaves and industry once again. The Malibu World Tour continues on, so grab a ticket if you see it available because we can guarantee you, he won’t be playing in these intimate venues for too much longer.






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