Ticketmaster Settlement Promises Discounts And Free Tickets


Ok, so how many of you out there have bought at least one concert ticket from Ticketmaster’s website please raise your hand?

I wish I had enough hands and arms to raise to answer this question. Well thanks to the Curt Schlesinger et. al v. Ticketmaster lawsuit, anyone who purchased tickets from www.ticketmaster.com between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013, you may be entitled to benefits from this Class Action Settlement. Those benefits include either a discount on a future ticket purchase, or two free general admission tickets.

This is a big freaking deal, especially to those of us who buy concert tickets in abundance. Granted the cost of a ticket over the course of years has gone up along with inflation, the extra service fees have always been questionable in regards to how much they really should be. Now we get to receive some of that money back, albeit not in monetary form, but in Ticketmaster vouchers.

You’re probably asking yourself how do you know if you’re one of the lucky “chosen ones” who were awarded a voucher, well you can tell by either one of two ways. You were either sent an email to notify you about this recent settlement and how to redeem your vouchers, or one day when you decided to login to your Ticketmaster account, take a look at the “Active Vouchers” tab, you might just find a whole series of codes granting you free passes or discounts to upcoming events.

Don’t get too excited yet, there are a few stipulations to all of this. The first thing is that the codes expire in four years. Granted that may seem like a long while from here, if you don’t go to shows too often, there’s a slight chance you may forget about your prize. The other catch is that if you have you the free show tickets, they are only valid for select shows specified by Ticketmaster. Unfortunately the list of shows that you can use them at is not posted yet, go figure, but when it does go live, all eligible shows can be found at the following link.

Please enjoy this “gift” from Ticketmaster, because I sure will!

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