Kanye West’s 2 AM NYC Concert Causes Riot Sized Crowds Outside Webster Hall

Today was a total Kanye West takeover for New York City.

He was originally planned to headline the 2016 Governors Ball today, before it got cancelled due to the thunderstorms moving through the city. Major bummer to all the fans who had purchased tickets to see Yeezy. That particular loss turned into a MAJOR win for all of the attendees over at Hot 97’s Summerjam.

Since Ye technically had the night off, he didn’t want to lay dormant, so they gave him a spot on the main stage of the summer’s biggest event at the Metlife stadium. That was cool and all, but in regular Kanye fashion, “I’m going to let you finish but…”, and that’s just what he did.

After his Summerjam set, there were rumors that he would perform a late night concert at 2 AM SOMEWHERE in the city. Nobody knew where that somewhere was until around 1 AM. That somewhere happened to be at Webster Hall, and of course the show was sold out in a matter of minutes, but that didn’t stop eager fans of trying to go anyways, but then THIS happened.

WAAAAAY too many people showed up and caused crowds of epic proportions late night on a Sunday. Yeezy made a call to some unknown individual to get in contact with Mayor of NYC to say that he wants to have a party outside for all of those who couldn’t make it in the show.

This whole situation is CRAZY. Sources from within the crowd are reporting that people are getting shoved to the ground and slight violent behavior occurring. New York City already shut down a number of rap concerts last week in lieu of the shooting incident that happened at T.I.’s show, so we can ONLY imagine what’s going to happen tonight, BUT that’s if they can get enough police to break the crowd.

There was JUST a tweet from Webster Hall mentioning that there IS NOT a 2 AM show, so what’s REALLY going on?!  If they thought that the crowd was just “riot sized” before, then they just may see a riot pop off. Stay tuned to all the developments of this story.

[Feature Photo by PA Wire]

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