Hey World, Should We Get In Formation?

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Beyonce’ has headed back out on tour to support her newly released album, ‘Lemonade‘, her sixth number one debut. Also featured on the Formation World Tour is none other than DJ Khaled. Each bringing their own elements to the show and leaving a potential audience to wonder if their talents would bode well together.





I have seen many DJ’s open for artist but none who have been able to successfully pull off engaging the crowd and make the show…..FUN.

He stepped onto the stage as ‘Win’ sounded throughout the arena, yelling infamously,’D-J KHALED. Upon DJ Khaled‘s arrival to the stage, I admit that I was slightly annoyed thinking that it will be the typical DJ set of music being spun on the turntables that we hear on the radio daily. Don’t get me wrong, his set did consist of him spinning a few songs but not of the songs you would think. We’re talking old school Biggie and Jay Z. As his set continued I was pleasantly surprised with his moving around the stage to engage the crowd as many of the hits that he has produced rang through the Georgia Dome’s speakers.

As one song went off, another followed but this time was different. We were not onto the next song on a playlist. Instead, ‘B.M.F‘ filled the arena and Khaled’s first guest took to the stage and the crowed erupted. Rick Ross in all of his bearded glory took to the stage. Yo Gotti, August Alsina and Kent Jones would follow. To round out his set, he brought a few of Atlanta’s own to the stage. What would a stop in ATL be without the “You gettin madddd, I’m getting rich.” turn up king himself, 2 Chainz, The Dream, T.I and Ludacris.

Myself and many fans thoroughly enjoyed the thirty minute set but personally I wonder what it would have been like without the added guest.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mazur via Getty Images


Minutes before the 9 o’clock hour, the fog machines cued up and fog began to fill the stage. When the new hour greeted us, so did the star of the night, Beyonce. Dawned in a hat similar to the vintage hat worn in her ‘Formation‘ video, she began the night asking the Atlanta Beyhive if they were ready to do just that.

She followed ‘Formation‘ with an obvious fan favorite from her new album titled, ‘Sorry‘. If you could only imagine the volume the crowd reached once the words “You better call Becky with the good hair” were murmured. “Run The World (Girls)“, the Drake assisted “Mine” and “Baby Boy” would follow. With each song it grew more and more apparent how much Beyonce loves what she does. To hear each audience member belt out of the lyrics to “Don’t Hurt Yourself“, “Runnin” and “All Night Long” seemed to pleasantly surprise the singer. The smile on her face as she stops to look at the audience and take everything in says it all.


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The tour is three stops in with many tour dates to follow but fans have already noticed a few changes, which is to be expected. However, not many are happy about them. Noticeably absent from the set list were “7/11“, “Sweet Dreams“, “Partition” and “Single Ladies“. In the first show of the tour “Single Ladies” was a fan assisted performance which excited Beyhive members that would be attending future shows. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance on the same stage as Beyonce.

Although it makes sense that some songs would be removed so that room can be made to incorporate more of the new material, I am not sure if that is the case here. From what I can tell the show has shortened a bit.

We will see what the rest of the tour will bring but I will say that I appreciated the Prince tribute as well as the incorporation of “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6.


Photo courtesy of Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mazur via Getty Images


The production of this show was stellar and I found myself with my jaw to floor just looking at certain elements of this show. From the spinning center screen (which I literally said out loud “It spins, it spins.” SMH.) to the in-stage pool. You can sit back and compare other shows production to this shows and it will never compare. The thought process by Beyonce and her team is like no other. As far as the dancing, there were still elements of her classic choreography with the older songs but you can tell that there was some revamping and new life introduced into the steps. Choreography wise, some favorites would be “Mine” and “Freedom“.

As evident in the ‘Formation” video, she has been influenced by not only the sounds of New Orleans but the style. She continues her tribute to her different influences via her style on this tour. From couture to a leotard with Michael Jackson inspired sequence design and a red leather outfit that only she could pull off. Yes, I am jealous of the red leather leotard. Don’t judge me.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Like other media outlets, I can sit behind my computer and use all types of colorful words to describe the show that I witnessed in Atlanta on Sunday, May 1st. However, I like to keep things simple so I will simply say that the show is a must see. If you are not a fan, put aside your disdain and/or skepticism for 3 to 4 hours of your day and walk into this show with an open mind. If you happen to walk away from the show dissatisfied, just make sure to pick up your own ‘Boycott Beyonce‘ shirt from the main concourse when you leave. With that said, go get your tickets to see one of the best entertainers of our time.



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