The 2016 Pepsi Funk Fest Tour Experiences Major Expansion


For more than 20 years, the Funk Fest has attracted music enthusiasts from across the globe who enjoy partying with a purpose while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of different musical genres.

It’s a reunion and that’s really what the concept is, mainly a family reunion. People coming out, coming home…they come home for this big weekend to see friends and family they haven’t seen for a while and enjoy good music and good food.

As the 2016 Summer Funk Fest concert tour gears up to kick off in April, we’ve noticed that they have expanded on their typical location areas, and now have shows in the Washington, DC, Detroit and Miami markets. This is actually exciting, especially for me because year after year I see the spectacular Funk Fest talent lineups, and get a little upset that it won’t be in my area.

The grouping of Funk Fest shows this year will feature some of their usual suspects, coupled with some ‘newbies’ to the fest, but who are some of our fave artist. New Edition, LL Cool J, TLC, Floetry, Babyface, Uncle Luke and more are all set to take the stage. Tickets can be purchased on the Funk Fest official website.







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