Review: Tinashe’s ‘Aquarius’ Tour

Tinashe started her first headlining tour toward the end of November in Salt Lake City with her travels taking her all around the country. Two of the last three shows were at Howard Theatre and Rams Head Live. This is when Concert Daily was able to catch up with the beautiful singer to experience her live show for ourselves.

The show opened up with a performance from solo artist Josh London and girl group, Main Girl. Josh London’s great voice is overshadowed by the constant unnecessary movement by the artist. It makes for a very awkward experience for the audience that is only eased by the fact that he is somewhat attractive. However, Main Girl, put on an impressive stage show for a group that is just starting out. They have some development to go through but I was genuinely impressed with the overall show and the girls seem to have a good head on their shoulders. Check out their salute to girl groups before them below.

Tinashe opened the show adorning a bedazzled mask, similar to the one seen in previous promotional photos, with a walk that just let you know that she was about to slaughter the stage. You know the walk, the one that some of your favorite divas grace the stage with on a regular basis. Well, this young lady is well on her way to diva status. Her stage show gives you Janet, Ciara, and Beyonce all in one. It is her first headlining tour and there is a lot of developing to be done, but she is well on her way. With hits like ‘2 On’, ‘Pretend’, and a song by the name of ‘How Many Times’ that has grown to be a favorite. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed her show from beginning to end.

I highly suggest going to see Tinashe while she is on tour with Iggy Azalea. Dates are posted on the site right NOW! Check out our videos below and photos will be posted soon from the Washington DC and Baltimore dates soon. Pick up her new album ‘Aquarius’, in stores NOW!

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