Review: Baltimore’s Own ‘Dru Hill’

October 1st at the historic Howard Theatre was a great way to start off the fall concert season in the DMV.

The night started with Dru Hill’s ‘little sisters’, a group marketing themselves as ‘The Bad Girls of R &B’ (ala Total) by the name of Aviance. The show did not start on time, something that personally annoys me, but I realize $h*t happens. The girls started their set that included a few covers including an impressive rendition of Jazmine Sullivan’s “Dumb. They put in work to involve the crowd in their performance and survived an otherwise unforgiving DC audience. However, I don’t know if it was the sound engineer at the venue or a flaw in the tracks they were performing to but the music was so loud that I could barely hear them and I was close enough to smell their breath. Also loves, work on not counting before you sing a capella. It is awkward for the audience.

These beautiful young women are very talented, make sure you catch up with them on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram (@AvianceMusiq).

After a brief intermission, the curtains were drawn, the band cued up and the crowd roared with anticipation. It was time for Nokio, Tao, Jazz and Sisqo to take to the stage.

Performing their hits including ‘In My Bed’ (both the original and the remix), ‘Tell Me’, ‘Beauty’ and ‘5 Steps’. These men have more energy than groups I have seen half their age. It was like watching their videos from the 90’s right in front of you. The only thing that was missing was some candle wax for Nokio. Vocally, they are still on the top of their game and continue to impress me at every show I attend. I do admit, I was a little non responsive when I was analyzing everything for this review but you can only take so many of your songs coming on before you have to go in.

Some other surprises that were a part of this show were that they were filming this for their first ever concert DVD. Sisqo also took to the stage to perform some of his solo material that included his newest single ‘A-List’.

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you have never seen Dru Hill live you are doing yourself a complete disservice. Oh and Sisqo I wasn’t looking uninvolved on purpose, lol. I was working man.

Make sure you all check out the DVD when it is released, the videos below and stay tuned for updates on future shows.


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