Review: Day26 Live at Baltimore Soundstage [Interview, Videos + Photos]

After two opening acts, a few social media updates, a cup of pineapple juice and making others listen to me gripe about the stage lighting; Day26 prepared to make their way to the stage.

The group recently made a stop in Baltimore, Maryland while on their tour to support their EP, ‘The Return‘. While it has been a while since all four members have been on a stage together, previous to the tour starting, you wouldn’t be able to tell by their harmonies. Yes lawd, those men can sang. Not that I doubted this fact before seeing them live, you just forget after not hearing or seeing them for over four years.

Songs from their set list included ‘Got Me Going‘, ‘Imma Put It On Her‘, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone‘ and their new single ‘Bullshit‘. I thoroughly enjoyed the show but found a few things to be less than appealing or things that just struck me as odd. The first two points are totally on the venue but to constantly hear yelling about their microphones not working correctly or being at the right volume put a damper on the show. A long with those awful lights and yes I will continue my disdain for those lights during the review. The only other critique I have is that while watching the show I could not help but notice that Que was quite distant. He seemed to be distracted by something outside of what was going on on the stage and obviously going through the motions. As a performer all personal things should left off stage, if not, you come on stage looking like he did. I heard fans leaving the venue uttering the same words. This was not the Que that stayed up all hours of the night perfecting his dancing on ‘Making The Band’. The one that still had that hunger and drive that pushed him to be his best. I don’t know what is going on but I do wish him the best because we all go through things.

Day26 is continuing to add dates to their comeback tour, Concert Daily will continue to update you on that. Check out some videos of the guys performing below and our interview with them above.


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